Set Up

Includes: adjust neck relief, lower nut slots, clean/oil fingerboard, restring + cost of strings, set intonation, clean/polish, tighten hardware. Does not include additional fret work which may be necessary

Floyd/12 String


All prices quoted at consultation

New Nut
Specify material: bone, plastic, graphite.  12 String
New Bone Saddle
Compensate for intonation
Remove/Refit Tuner Buttons
Level Crown & Polish Frets
Includes setup.  Floyd Rose/12 String
Partial Refret
Complete Refret
Price varies with number of frets, fret size, and material type (Stainless, nickle, etc)
Remove/Reglue Bridge
Broken Headstock Repair
Additional w/ finish touch up
Crack Repair
Neck Reset
New nut, saddle and fretwork may be necessary
Archtop Wiring additional
Complete Rewire
Replace Volume/Tone Pot
Output Jack
Price varies by labor complexity
Pickup Installation, Acoustic and Electric